Mr Lecturer 2 by BARBIE BLAC

Mr Lecturer 2 by BARBIE BLAC


Posted by EMIZY (M) » 09 Sep,2016




“i thought the exam was to hold by 12noon as was written on the time table only to discover that it held by 9am” she answered quietly, while i breathed deeply.

“you will hear from me tomorrow, just go back to your lodge and don’t try the nonsense of coming to my house again” i said to her seriously.

I really spent most of that fateful night thinking of what to do. A part of me wanted to help her, since i still had the answer scripts in my office and equally was the only lecturer handling the course after Dr Ogbonna travelled to India two months ago, but another part of me frowned over helping her.
I really was caught between doing the right thing or taking the wrong step. It could equally be a set up, which i wasn’t blind about. I just couldn’t reach any decision that fateful night.

As soon as i got to my office early the next day. The young lady walked into my office with a calm smile on her face. I frowned on seeing her which she noticed and drew closer to me without fear.

“please sir you got to help me. I’m 28yrs old, i can’t afford staying an extra year. I’m already way behind in everything” she begged.

“so what do you want me to do eeh?. Supposing you participated in the exam but wrote nothing it could have been a different issue. But you missed the exam. Your record isn’t anywhere” i answered.

“i can get an answer booklet, and write the exam anywhere you want. All i need is for you to accept it when i’m done” she said boldly, giving me the impression that she has done such a thing before.

“so what’s in it for me, why should i risk my career for you?” i asked curiously. She smiled.

“sir do you have a guest room in town?” she softly asked, slapping my ears with the unexpected question.

“as in a good place to write the exam without any disturbance” she added without fear, while i drew back with shock.
It was very obvious she had no respect for my personality, probably because i was a young guy or because she has dealt with men much more older than me.

“no i don’t have a guest room anywhere in town” i answered with a strong tone, forcing her to draw back with surprise.
Slowly the meaning of her question dawned on me. I instantly realised the direction she was heading.
I just felt embarrassed before her. I simply felt like a guy who mistakenly saw the pant of a careless lady in public. I looked down, avoiding her eyes.

“The only way i can help you is to allow you write the exam here in my office. And you will have only thirty minutes to write and submit the paper. That’s the only way i can help” i suddenly offered with a free mind, expecting her to at least say thank you for such a generous offer. But instead she keep quiet, forcing me to look up and stare at her with astonishment.

“sir the second problem is that i’m not the only person affected. My girlfriend also missed the exam” she murmured cautiously.

“get out” i sparked angrily.

“leave my office right now” i barked, but instead of leaving, she went to the door and ushered in another hot looking girl into my office. I stood up, shaking with anger.

They drew close to my table and knelt before me, shading crocodile tears.
“we are ready to do anything, just name it sir. Please we beg you, don’t let us repeat another year in this school” they begged, leaving me speechless and confused.

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