Whatsapp May Incorporate Passcode And Recovery Email Options

Whatsapp May Incorporate Passcode And Recovery Email Options


Posted by bigboluet (M) » 24 Sep,2016

WhatsApp is surely one of the most popular chat applications out there and it certainly has many advantages over other apps available on the market. Android Authority has just reported that the app could receive an important update in the near future.

The report mentions that WhatsApp could soon come with six-digit passcodes to help restrict access inside the application. The passcode is a useful option, considering that many other apps give users the tools to limit access so that their information is protected and the privacy of their messages isn’t subjected to any risks.

Android Authority reports that the new details were hinted at in a text translation program for WhatsApp, where users were required to translate strings from English to Dutch. The text clearly hinted at new six-digit passcodes and recovery email address options in WhatsApp.

It suggests that the recovery email could be optional, but it could help users avoid being locked out of their accounts. User accounts are linked to phone numbers, but there are cases in which users could get locked out of their accounts and no longer get access to messages.

It’s unclear at this point if six-digit passcodes will be optional or mandatory, but chances are users will be able to decide whether they wish to implement this extra security option.

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for messages by default, unlike other chat applications like Google’s recent Allo. However, WhatsApp has recently announced that it will share phone numbers with Facebook for advertising purposes, but there’s a way to avoid that.

By Alexandia Vaidos.

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