Runescape generally has seen a decrease from the time of peaking

Runescape generally has seen a decrease from the time of peaking


Posted by nfkjasfas (M) » 31 Oct,2021

Cons After Andrew Gower's departure, we have been able to hire a new CEO who will fire up our content shredder. "You know precisely what we're going do team RuneScape3 Accounts?" The challenges will be ours... and we'll change them. Yeah. You can't fault them. But we need to get them up-to-date after almost a decade.

This is just one of the many thought processes that occur every week in the money-corrupted mind of Jagex. There are a host of other terribly detrimental changes to the 'quality of your life' such as the conversion of an excellent user interface into a crude Chrome cake tray. Google is negotiating an agreement at the cost of the game.

Most infuriatingly was the arrogant decision to change the looks of every Armour set that is used in games. It's beyond me to understand the reasoning behind this. Before, it was neat and simple. After, it's ugly and clunky.

I don't even want to talk about the DEVOLUTION of Combat. Although we hailed this update as the most effective, we've lost a few players. I'm wondering why Buy Old School RS Gold. Who wouldn't love to play an action mechanic that is based on World of Warcraft and the countless other tab-target capability bar MMO’s?
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